Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bring us some figgy pudding

Christmas checklist:

[X] Have early mini-Christmas at a chum's place with gift exchanges and cheer and listen to Haddaway endlessly (watch Night at the Roxbury)

[X] Tidy and clean flat to unhealthy degree

[ ] Look forward to grandmother's arrival

Of all the many Christmas songs that could be sung at this time of feasting and celebration at the birth of the tiny baby Jesus, once, Pink Floyd's Merry Xmas Song (a one-off radio recording in the sixties on John Peel's show) is the one that I'll be lustily belting from my car as I drive past Oceana with the windows down howling like a banshee at the drunk, vomiting idiots in Santa hats.

#Cheerful faces wreathed in smiles
Can see him coming for miles and miles
As he passes by he'll catch your ear
With, "Merry Christmas, guys. And a happy new year"

Turkey and sausages and Christmas pud
"Have another helping, John"
"Oh, I don't think I could"#

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