Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Brentford FC- Coca Cola League 2 Champions 2008/09

Because it's nice when faith gets rewarded.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Somewhere I can't be found / My little underground

Been relaxing a bit too much lately, and I've got to cram quite a lot of work into a short space of time. This is the kind of insanely stupid thing I'm really good at doing.

Had plenty of good times over the Easter break and beyond- sophisticated cocktail parties which left my flat full of limes, unsophisticated vomit-soaked parties, a trip to the tremendous London Zoo, hanging a pinata from a tree on Twickenham Green and alarming passers-by by smacking sweets out of it for Mark's 27th, Adil running the London Marathon, catching up with Annie after her six month self-imposed exile to the snowy mountains of France, watching Twin Peaks with Abi, eating plenty, moving bookcases, listening to chilled summer tunes, making an almighty mix CD of said tunes one day before the temperature drops massively and the rain sets in and finishing off the Harry Potter series which I started back in October or so, and have been reading between set books for uni.

Went to the V&A today for London Theatre as the Theatre Museum of Covent Garden has just moved it's exhibits there. After a brief talk from the exhibition's curator, we had a look around. It was weird how the most disparate things under the umbrella of 'performance' all seemed to come together and make sense- a smashed guitar of Pete Townsend's with the account books for a Victorian production of Midsummer Night's Dream next to one of Dame Edna Everidge's hats. It was good stuff, and I liked the museum tunnel that linked the building to South Ken station. Afterwards I nipped into the Japan section to have a look at Samurai armour, a couple of swords and bits and pieces (which served to remind me of museums in Kyoto and Tokyo, particularly the awesome Sword Museum in Shinjuku) before getting horribly lost on the way out and ending up at Harrod's where I decided to forgoe shopping, and jumped on the Piccadilly at Knightsbridge to get back to South Ken and Richmond, where my car was accumulating heavy costs in a rubbish car park.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yoiya / Ni mugen / Yoiya / Bihai

Oo, oo, just quickly. Had a great Easter break and first week back, been really busy with work and catching up with friends. Wouldn't have it any other way. More detail when I've the time.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

It's a cheeky holiday

I notice that the Japanese restaurant of choice, Makiyaki, has changed it's name and sign. This requires investigation.

A tiring but euphoric couple of days, finishing off The Visit on Thursday with great aplomb before a wobbly night out with the cast and associates in rubbish Twickenham. This meant I had four hours sleep before the warmup and lecture on Friday. Then went over for a BBQ with the YAT folks which was a nice pre-Easter celebration and now I can relax properly for the first time in a while.

The hideous Grand National seems to have made a few people happy, and I've finally caught up on Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe which, while it's smart and definately worth watching, just makes me think that he's having to spell out for a less-astute generation exactly what Chris Morris was saying with far more subtlety, wit and laughs back in 1994.

So, should be a good couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

And days like this / Keep me warm

An excellent, fool-filled day today which started with the smallest warmup turnout yet at around twenty (which of course meant it was an excellent warmup) then an examination of the 'Geography of the Passions' with Mitch before a pleasant sunny lunchtime spent eating delicious butcher-bought baguettes out on the plaza, engaging in all manner of April tomfoolery with Mitch in tow, and loudly singing a song to encourage people to come and see The Visit. The afternoon was spent touching up the problems that had arisen from last night's lengthy dress, before a few of us headed off in the sunshine to Sainsburys to stock up on delicious food before the first night.

I was really really happy with how it went. Awesome day.