Wednesday, 12 November 2008

There's Juice Loose Aboot This Stereotype

I've just had some Fruit Pastilles after spending the afternoon clambering around on a pile of rubbish trying not to make any noise at the behest of a visiting acting tutor from one of our sister-universities in Wisconsin (a state which voted for Obama, you'll be thrilled to know). Some folks are (understandably) interested in going over there on a new exchange program they're trying to set up, but I'm not so sure. Spending a semester out in the US seems a bit counter-productive. It might disrupt the flow of the course going on over here, maybe. And I'd rather spend the miserable winter months cursing my lack of central heating and shaking my fist at the grey, drizzly skies *here* than four-thousand miles away from a decent sweet shop.

Those delicious Fruit Pastilles reminded me that I really must get around to boycotting Nestlé, thirty years behind everybody else. They are bastards.

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