Saturday, 15 November 2008

Stop that astronaut!

Sainsburys is a terrible place. Not only was it crammed to the rafters with painfully confused and ugly people all buying things, but in the mad panic I accidentally grabbed the DVD of You Only Live Twice instead of For Your Eyes Only. I already own YOLT of course, as it's amazing ("Stop that astronaut!" "Good, Bye! Meester Bond!" and Burt Kwouk) and wanted FYEO as it's one of the better Moores. I must've just seen the 'Only' in the title and panicked. So I've got to back and swap it.

We were working with costume on Friday, but we ran over time so further discussion about the pieces the year group created will be postponed until next week. I look forward to talking about why men dressing up as women seems funnier than women dressing up as men. It's all go!

I'm off to a fireworks party this evening, where I'll hopefully be able to get some fire-eating done. Not to mention non-stop dancing and out-rocking.

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