Friday, 21 November 2008

Got me a movie / I want you to know

Hm, maybe it's time I put Saturday's photos up on Facebook. I apologise to any photographees who take offence.

Lots of interesting work today and on Wednesday. We had a guy called Mitch who was a clowning/circus expert of some description and did a small and sweet workshop with some status games and Commedia dell'arte movements which went rather well. Today we had an interesting task to create a sad scene in a happy place, with music running throughout- although we were forbidden to use anything that relies on electricity.

Taking a pretty wide berth on the brief, our group ended up being crisps in a crisp packet that are eaten one-by-one, mourning the loss of their fellows (although not through dialogue, obviously, as we were crisps), accompanied by the constant rustling of the packet (and we all had packets on us to make more noise). We were worried, but it was really well-received. It was a lot better than you're thinking.

Meanwhile, Miyazaki slams Japanese nationalism and their cretin Prime Minister. Woo!

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