Friday, 23 October 2009

One More Time / A Celebration / You Know We're Gonna Do It Right

Okay, fine, so I'm alive an everything but haven't written anything here for months. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, I've been absurdly busy doing the things that I'm supposed to be journalising here (like getting a degree) and this has taken up too much of my time for me to devote any time to a side-project. On top of the degree, I've started learning Japanese properly in a class and everything, which is another time-eater albeit a worthwhile one. The little spare time I do get I tend to try and spend relaxing with friends and keeping on top of the world's current events and that kind of thing.

Since last we spake: I've realised there's no way I can juggle a part-time job as well as the degree with the huge amount of extra-curricular stuff I've taken on board (plus Japanese), so I've had to think about economics a lot lately. Abi and I went off for a short holiday staying with my friend Tino in Alicante over the summer which was amazingly lovely and not the kind of holiday I'd usually take, as we lounged about on the beach, in the Mediterranean and by a pool. Some uni pals and I put on a series of short plays by Harold Pinter at the start of the uni year which went down very well, with some good feedback and lots of ideas to work on. As a sort of follow-up, I'm now directing The Dumb Waiter which goes up next week. It's been a hectic time and I look forward to reading week when I can catch up on some of the more academical stuff that we've been looking at.

A quick word on last night's Question Time- a potential exercise in giving Griffin enough rope to hang himself ended up a depressing example of issue-avoidance and very little actual engagement and debate. Watching it rather put a downer on my night after having attended a very fine party at Percy Manor for Danny's 20th.

Still, work goes on and I'm repledging to start using this again as a way of keeping track of what I'm doing as all I ever do is wander around thinking about what it is I have to do. I miss travel.

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